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August 6, 2010

Best city visit yet… Berlin! From Friday to Tuesday morning me and Sam explored the city. Friday morning we ate breakfast and then checked in to our hostel. Even though it was a 15 minute tram ride away, it was great because the hostel was right by the metro stop. That night we took it pretty easy since I took an overnight train. But the guy at the hostel pointed us in the right direction for an awesome doner!

Saturday we took a free tour of the city. I learned more about the history of Berlin than I picked up in any class. I still can’t get over the fact that we saw not only the Berlin wall, but also stood over the ground where Hitler took his life. My favorite memorial was for the site where the Nazi party burned books in 1933. See a picture of the memorial here. Only a small window allows viewers to see empty white book shelves beneath the ground. This photo comes no where close to doing this memorial justice. Later that night we checked out the East Side Gallery.

Sunday was another educational day. We spent all afternoon on Museum Island. Basically its 5 museums for the price of 1. The highlights were the Gates of Babylon, in full scale, the Bust of Nefertiti, and a version of Rodin’s The Thinker. Later we got a bite to eat, and explored the nightlife a bit. It was here that we found our favorite part of Berlin… in the Kunsthaus Tacheles. I really thought it was just an old run down building with graffiti, but turns out it’s much more. Check out the link for more info, and there are lots of pictures on my Facebook. We found real, dirty, authentic, crazy art here. Sure all handcrafted art is authentic, but I mean there was no bs in the work here. It was all so straight forward here is Berlin, we’re not going to bother putting our best face forward, we’re putting our only face forward. Like it, or leave it. We don’t mind either way. Oh I’m so happy we stumbled in to it!!! Across the street we found some cheep beer in a great atmosphere. You had to walk down a few steps to get in to the bar, and then you were greeted by candlelight. Oh Berlin… I miss you so much already!

Monday all museums are closed, so we visited the Kaiser Wilhem Memorial Church. When you walk up to a church with a damaged spire, and without a rose window, you can’t help but be effected. This church was bombed during WWII, and they decided against refurbishing the church and instead left it as a memorial to so people wouldn’t forget the effects of war. After the church, we went to the Tiergarten. Earlier in the day we decided our last dinner in Berlin would be curryworst. When we finally found a reasonably priced restaurant we sat down and ordered a beer. Then we listened to everyone around… they were all speaking French! And then our waitress handed us menu in French! Very strange. But we did get some great curryworst. And that’s all for now!

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