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BuDaPeSt!!! Part I

July 28, 2010

One of the best decisions I ever made take a trip to Budapest. It is a city unlike one I have ever visited before. As many have said- there is both old and new history, so much more dynamic than any city in the states. I went with the best group of girls possible- Jenn, Beth, and Morgan. It was great to get to know each of them better, especially because we all live in Colorado. The adventure began on Thursday night. Our flight left early Friday morning from Geneva – before any buses from Annecy could get us to the airport. We walked around in the city for a bit, and found some random party on the street. Since we stuck out like sore thumbs with our huge backpacks on our backs, we decided to hang out by the lake. And the highlight of the night- a boy with a whoopee cushion. He would walk up to couples sharing a moment on the street, and just let one rip. It was hilarious! Eventually, we made our way to the airport. We fashioned beds out of chairs, and said our goodnights. God did not give me the gift of being a heavy sleeper, so the combination of people typing, whispering, and some people even playing Yahtzee, made it hard to fall asleep. But then I remembered! Mom gave me earplugs and an eye mask! Thanks Mom! Friday morning we woke up around 5am, before security was even open. It’s crazy how relaxed security is compared to America. I think we showed our passports once throughout the whole trip- and we even left the EU when we went through Geneva. Anyways, the flight there was just fine. We took a shuttle right to the door of Friends Hostel. Since hostel is fairly new, there was no marking on the door. It would have been impossible to find! It was a little to early to check it, but we left our bags there and had our first taste of Budapest. A coffee shop was close by, so we got a bagel and made a plan for the day. Step one- check in. Step two- visit Terror House Museum. Step three- take a nap.

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