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le petit garcon

July 19, 2010

Marine and her mom left on Friday, it was sad to see them go! The house is lacking without the two of them! One afternoon before they left, I walked up stairs and found Marine setting up a game of ‘Connect 4’- I forget the name in French. “MEEEE-GAN, MEEEE-GAN, joue avec moi!!!!!!!!” We played for quite a while, and somehow she managed to win every game. You see, any 4 pieces touching means you win with Marine. When she was really excited, she would rub her hands together and blow on a piece in hopes she would get lucky and win! It was really cute. And even though I didn’t understand everything she said, she did understand everything I said. We had a lot of fun together!

Now, Daniele’s other daughter, Camille, is staying with us. She had her first baby only 6 weeks ago. I feel like I am getting a little preview of life as a new mom. And it looks like a ton of work! Her baby, Louie, is truly one of a kind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he will be cute one day, but right now… not so much. Even his mother agrees! But he is still so fascinating to me. On Saturday I went to the beach with Louie and his parents. It was the first cloudy day in a long time, and even though we couldn’t swim, we could sit outside and have a nice lunch together. After the beach, we went to one of my favorite places, Cafe des Arts, and had a beer together. Marco told me of his favorite movie, The Commitments. There little baby was concieved in Japan- they lived there not to long ago. Camille even tried to learn a little Japanese. She said it was very difficult to write each character, and it was difficult to learn because you must speak precicely in order to be understood correctly. We could all agree that the movie Lost In Translation was great, and furthermore Camille said it accurately portrayed what it was like to live in Japan. They are really interesting and kind people, and I think they will make great parents!

Last night Daniele took us up in to the mountains to watch the sunset over the lake. We arrived after a 15 or 20 minute drive- and I was sure I could hear church bells. But it didn’t stop… finally I realized- it was really cow bells! A challet was close by, and each of their cows wear a bell. The cool thing is each family / challet has a different bell. So each heard ‘sounds’ different. It was a really beautiful night. And, we spoke in French the entire time! I am making progress! Here is prof- I got a 16/20 on my latest exam. More than twice as good as my first test! Thank goodness!

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