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le petite fille

July 12, 2010

I am in love with Daniele’s grand daughter, Marine. She is five years old, and has curly blond hair to her shoulders, and bright blue eyes. At first, she was very timid around me, and  would only stare at me. But last night, we were able to talk a bit. I would ask here what something was in French, and then she would ask me what something was in English. She was delighted to know the English word for the center of a cherry – PIT. After dinner I heard her talking to her father on the telephone, and she explained to him all the things she learned over dinner. Quite possibly the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Later that night, we watched the World Cup match together. If I was just a little more fluent in French, I would have understood the joke she made up. She asked if I like breaded / fried fish- panne poission. When I told her yes, I do, she giggled so much, and said “But Megan, it isn’t possible, because it is pas ne.” translation it isn’t possible because the fish is not born! Ha. I introduced her to my mom via skype, but the conversation was short since the only word she knows in English is pit, and the only French my mom knows is bonjour, and how to count to 5. But it was still fun! It has been so hot here, with around 40% humidity. I am not used to it at all! Luckily there is a rain storm this evening to cool things down. School has been going great. I talked to one of my teachers from last month -Jocelyn- today, and she told me I am improving a lot! Since last month it is certainly easier to pick up new vocab. I can understand a lot easier written words I don’t know. So, hopefully by the time mom and Don get here I will be a good translator! In the mean time, I am going to not only Budapest, but also Berlin! Can’t wait. I know it sounds a little crazy, but Paris will have to wait until my next trip to Europe. Even though it is closer than both, it is about twice as expensive. I decided to take two trips instead.

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