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And there it went…

June 24, 2010

Well, my first term in Annecy is through. Hard to believe a month has already come and gone. I am no an expert yet, but I know for a fact my French has improved since I arrived. This week has been an exciting one – two major events took place only a day apart. First, on Monday, it was the Fete de la musique. I expected to hear a variety of French music, but I was so impressed with the variety of music presented from all over the world. There was no way to see all of it! The streets were packed, the music was loud, and the party lasted well on in to the night. A few of us from IFALPES joined forces and painted the town red. What a night. It was wonderful to have Julia come along too! (In case you haven’t heard the story, Julia and I were in a small seminar class at CU Boulder this spring. She was an exchange student, and once I knew I was studying in France, I had to ask her about this little town nobody had ever heard of called Annecy. What do you know – she grew up in Annecy, and had planned to spend the summer in Annecy. Even more impressive is the fact that we now live 3 blocks away from one another. What a small world!)

Wednesday Annecy celebrated because it is a candidate city for the Winter Olympics in 2018. All day there were festivities, surprisingly a “Big Jump” for skiers to practice their skills. I will have a picture up soon, because it was so cool to see a guy in shorts and a tank top with a pair of ski boots and skis conquer this jump. At the bottom there was a giant air mattress to land on. Plenty of food venders were recruited for the day too. Some tents had waffles or chocolate, while others had noodles or sandwiches, and there was certainly plenty of cheese! During the night there was a huge outdoor concert. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky, and for the first time in a few days we didn’t need to bring an umbrella! 3 major acts took the stage last night, but I only caught the name of 1- Raphael. After he played a girl came out to sing with her guitar. The last band, I will find the name of it soon, was really fun to watch. They must have been around for a long long time, because the lead singer was at least 65 years old. But they knew how to put on a show! To top the night off, there were fireworks over the lake. Makes me so excited for the big Fete De Lac in August!

And one quick note about the food this week: my favorite has been what was probably the easiest to make. Daniele sliced up a tomato for each of us, and put goat cheese between each slice, covered them in olive oil and a little honey, with some pine nuts on top. Then she just baked it in the oven until the cheese melted. Yum!

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