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Ce Bon Weekend!

June 14, 2010

Friday it was so nice to go out with a few friends in Annecy. I have a feeling the Irish Bar in town, Fin Kelly’s, will be well visited by the group  in the weeks to come. Before my time here is through, certainly I will visit The Bull (Click on this link to see why I have not gone yet… the logo speaks for itself!), but Friday I was ready to hit the hay pretty early in the evening.

Saturday I went shopping at H&M with Jenn. We ran in to plenty of people from school, as shopping is the preferred Saturday activity for American students! After this we sat by the lake for a few hours and watched people walk by. Worth noting is the number of high heels found in a park, the number of children with pacifiers (in strollers too), and the number of people in love. Yes, France is for lovers! And of course, all the locals dressed in their best. The children, even the ones with pacifiers, were certainly dressed better than myself! All day I was looking forward to having dinner with Daniele. I was so excited to hear the news of her new grandson over a home-cooked meal! Unfortunately, I left a note out meant for my roommate saying I would be home later in the evening. Daniele thought this was a note for her and did not prepare a meal for the evening. I ate a cheese burger for dinner instead, it was far far far from the excellent cuisine of Daniele! After the dinner I met up with Beth for a walk around town, some ice cream, and the last film for the Annecy International animation Festival. Nobody knew what would play that evening, and I couldn’t have been happier when the French maitre-d announced they would play The Fantastic Mr. Fox! It was the winning film of the festival. I wish the humor was more apparent for the French audience. They showed it in English with French subtitles, and even so I think Beth and I were the only people laughing at every punch line!

Sunday was a relaxing day indeed. I took the chance to sleep in and then enjoy a breakfast with strawberry jam prepared by Daniele’s son-in-law Marco. C’est superb! Then, Daniele took me all around the lake. It was bigger than I anticipated… 27 miles! The opposite side of the lake is much quieter and less touristy. She told me plenty of wealthy people have vacation homes there. One restaurant, which is temporarily closed, proudly displayed its menu to the public. A dinner for two, no drinks included, a mere 300 Euros! Maybe one day…

Finally! Dinner with Daniele. To begin, we had her (and my new) favorite white asparagus with parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper. Next was the main course, probably one of my favorites yet. We had a plate of beautiful Lima beans fresh from the market with toast covered in a black olive paste topped with a white fish covered in homemade pesto. Then we had a few different cheeses, followed by dessert. A special cake of the Savior region with cherries! The cherries still had pits so they would not rise to the top of the cake. “And if there are no pits, it is not the real thing,” Daniele explained to me. The entire meal was worth the wait! Honestly though, it is better when Daniele is here because it is good to hear her speak french. I definitely felt like my French was not as good last week because I was speaking in French for only 4 hours a day instead of 5 or 6. Still, so much to learn!

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