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June 8, 2010

Annecy’s International Animated Film Festival is in full swing! This year marks the 50th anniversary of the festival. Sort of reminds me of film on the rocks, but in a completely different setting. I do miss the advantages of stadium seating back home! Each night at 10:15 it is dark enough to project a movie on to a giant blow up screen. Last night we went for a few drinks beforehand at Cafe des Arts and then headed over to the lake. (Daniele is out-of-town, so sadly I had a mere chicken sandwich with mustard for dinner…) Anyone who has traveled to Europe knows how easily one grows accustom to the numerous ice cream shops. Much different from our limited DQ and Cold Stone experiences. One stand that sets up shop by the lake was even open late to serve the film crowd! Maybe this is a good time to sneak in one of my favorite things– I love how when a store is open for 24 hours, no matter what language a town speaks, there is a sign that reads “NON STOP.” Of all the phrases to borrow! Makes me smile every time.

Today was a pretty standard day woke up early, made myself some espresso, skyped for a bit, and then headed to school. Afterwords I had time to find a cheep pair of sandles. All my shoes are wearing out so fast from walking so much!  I honestly haven’t bought a pair of shoes for myself since I worked at Puma, it was strange being on the other side of the counter! We found a store that had all their shoes on the sales floor, so we didn’t need an employee to help solve the mystery of our European shoe sizes. I can’t get used to the number of store owners / workers who just stand outside their shop when nobody is inside. Whether it is a butchery or a bakery, it feels a little intimidating to go inside. In any case, this town seems small, and I guess standing outside opens the door for more time spent catching up with neighbors and regular customers without trying to sell something. I spent the evening with my new best friend… a French to English Dictionary.

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