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My favorite part of the day…

June 4, 2010

Dinner! Tonight was a very light dinner, and nothing too extravagant, but I think it is my favorite meal yet. To begin we had a salad with fresh raw salmon and some kind of citric dressing. Next was what looked like a zucchini pizza in french a “feuillete a la courgette.” Flaky crust covered in zucchini slices, olive oil, and some almond crumbs. The cheese tonight was a local cheese – comte le mois, lait cru, et ribore jacque min. Very light, and Daniele told me this is one of the first cheeses they give to children here, because it is so light. School the past two days has been challenging. We have focused mainly on grammar, and I guess it will be good to know these things after a while. For now it is hard to understand! I have used a dictionary more this week than in my entire life for certain! It is so nice to have Friday afternoons off – me and Jenn at lunch outside, enjoyed a beer together, and then sat in the sun. As we were walking we saw a couple with their feet in the water, so we did the same! And it was all of a sudden, summer in France. Ah may it never end!!!!

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