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Settled In

June 3, 2010

After a few days with my host mom, Daniele, I am really getting settled in here. I am still leaning my way around town, but I know the basics of how to get from point a to point b. Last night dinner was amazing, as usual! We had really good cheese from sheep with bread and white asparagus to start. The main course was a sort of cod casserole- baked in the oven with potatoes and cheese melted on top. For dessert we had a rhubarb dish with a local kind of cake, very similar to angel food cake. Today was just as great- a beautiful salad with deviled eggs and flowers (I even took a picture!), followed by bread and cheese, and then mushroom ricotta. It was a little cold this evening, so we had bananas flambé for dessert. I could get used to this… haha. This afternoon we had a picnic by the lake with all of the new students. We played spin the bottle, but instead of kissing the person on the other side of the bottle, we asked a question in French. It was good to speak with people of all different levels. And yes, we drank wine! I have to say, it was really a nice change up from my usual drink of choice. When in Rome, right? Next week there is an international animated film festival, movies are played on the lake. I am not sure how that really works, but my roommate is working for the festival so he will tell me all about it then. Shrek 4 is playing in English, so I will recognize one film. Unfortunately I still have this cold from traveling, I really really really hope it goes away soon so I can enjoy being outside more! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I have class in the afternoon, and Thursday Friday I have morning classes. This makes for a long weekend, and hopefully some time to travel within France. I guess Paris is 4 hours away- not too bad!

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