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June 2, 2010

Even after only 2 days in Annecy, I think September will come to soon! The weather has been great so far, only a little bit of rain. My host mom has been wonderful too! Her name is Daniele, and every night she has prepared a 4 course meal! First we had a salmon dish that was baked in the oven with a flaky bread crust and pea soup on the side, with a salad from the market and chocolate cake for dessert! Last night we had an open face sardine sandwich (kinda like our tuna salad sandwiches), zuccini quiche, some wonderful cheese, and yougurt with roasted pinneapple for dessert. So far we have been speaking mostly English, my French has plenty of room for improvement. Today will be my second day of class. There are 5 students in my class, so I know I will improve more and more each day. It is hard to study or be in class when this amazing lake is outside though! Honestly, it doesn’t look real. The water is so clear and the mountains all around look like the set of a fairy tale! I think plenty of people from around the world come here, this is why the town is a little more expensive than I am used to. My room is up in the attic, I have a nice little place to myself. Another student is staying here too, he is really nice and has been helping me with my French. To shower here, there is only a bathtub and a sprayer-you must sit down, there is no shower curtain! This weekend I am going with the school to Mount Blanc, pictures will come soon!

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